Europeans have flocked to hot spring spas for centuries to experience the restorative and curative values of the mineral waters. The practice of “taking the waters” for therapeutic purposes is as popular today as it was in the days of the Roman baths.

Within Desert Hot Springs exists one of the greatest thermal water areas in the world. These natural hot springs have been compared to the famous healing waters of Baden-Baden, Vichy and Evian. The word “spa” means a place providing therapeutic mineral springs, but while the number of spas continues to grow in the United States, very few offer the real nature of a spa–the healing powers of natural mineral water.

The health benefits of mineral-rich hot springs have been well-documented over the years. While stress is relieved by the thermal heat, minerals absorbed through the skin rejuvenate the body. Mineral spas have been used for years to relieve sore muscles and treat stiffness that accompanies arthritis. The Desert Hot Springs are also especially rich in silica leaving the skin soft and smooth.

For a well-deserved spa getaway in Greater Palm Springs, book a stay at one of the 20-plus boutique Desert Hot Springs spa hotels that sit atop one of the world’s largest subterranean aquifers. From whimsical Moroccan retreats and Spanish hacienda-style inns draped with colorful bougainvillea, to carefully restored midcentury modern gems, you’ll find a Desert Hot Springs mineral water ‘spa sanctuary’ that’s perfect for you…come and feel the power of nature!